Dry Verge Replacements

Dry Ridge replacements and installations in Nottingham and Derby

Dry Verge Roofing Services

Stormproof Roofing provide professional dry verge services throughout Derby and Nottingham. Stormproof Roofing are specialists in the installations, repairs & maintenance of dry ridges.

Benefits of Dry Verge

100% weather Proof | Mortar-less & Maintenance Free | Speeds up Installation | Ventilates Your Roof | Prevents entry of birds and large insects | Complies with British Standard BS5534

No more cracked leaking mortar joints

Dry verge and eliminate the need for mortar joints. This is beneficial as mortar joints do have a tendency to shrink and crack over time and will often fall out or allow water & wildlife to enter the roof space through cracks.

Dry Verges are normally made for specific roof tile profiles by the manufacturers to ensure a good fit. Keeping your home looking great!

new dry verge kit Derby


Dry verge roofing solutions are flexible. they allow for vibration and movement that mortar joints simply can’t cope with. Every day vibrations from traffic and rail lines to the normal expansion and contraction from temperature changes.

Maintenance Free

Unlike mortar there is virtually nothing to maintain. Over time, mortar will naturally degrade (sometimes prematurely) with roof verge specially prone to mortar failure.


Condensation and dampness is the real enemy of building and your health! Dry fixing provides discreet, visually appealing, ventilation of the roof space, helping prevent any harmful build-up of condensation.

Cost Effective

Being faster to install than traditional mortar and having lower long-term maintenance costs makes dry ridge roof installations by Stormproof Roofing in Derby a cost-effective way to protect your home from the elements.